Padar Island is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park. It is located on the South Central side of the park, between Komodo and Rinca Islands. It is endowed with panoramic beauty of rolling hills and beaches illuminated by the sunrays , making it a paradise for photographers. Last but not least, taking your time to witness the sunrise and sunset on Padar Island is extremely rewarding. See More


Time to floating with a snorkel! Do short snorkeling on the water around Kelor Island. Kelor Island has a pretty clear sea-water. See various species of fish and hundreds of coral reefs with this unforgettable Flores tour..


Rinca Island, the second biggest island in the Komodo National Park, is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province within the West Manggarai Regency. This island is famous for Komodo Dragons and other wildlife such us wild pigs, buffaloes, long tailed macaques, and many kind of birds. Rinca Island is a good place to view Komodo Dragons. The natural environment on this island is preserved and undisturbed, due to its sparse population. See More


Komodo Island has a beach entirely covered by "pink" sand, one of only seven in the world. The sand appears pink because it is a mixture of white and red sand, the latter formed by tiny Foraminifera shells. With a few trees along the beach providing shaded areas, this stretch of coastline makes an excellent place to relax or enjoy snorkeling or diving in the crystal clear waters. You may see a striped clown fish nestled among the protective tentacles of its sea anemone host, or see a grouper lazily swimming by a flamboyant soft coral. See More

1 Day

All Day      Padar - Rinca - Kelor

• 05.00 AM | Meet up at Labuan Bajo Harbour or Hotel/Airport pick up

• Sailing to Rinca Island with a speedboat

• Half trekking to Rinca Island and exploring Komodo National Park

• Back to the boat for lunch (lunch box)

• Sailing to Kelor Island then taking a short snorkel

• Heading back to Labuan Bajo


All Day      Padar - Komodo - Pink Beach

• 05.00 AM | Meet up at Labuan Bajo Harbour or Hotel/Airport pick up

• Sailing to Padar Island, Island trekking

• Sailing to Pink Beach, exploring the beach and snorkeling

• Sailing to Komodo National Park, exploring natural habitat of Komodo Dragon

• Sailing to Kanawa Island, exploring the island and snorkeling

• Sailing to Kelor Island then taking a short snorkel

• 04.00 PM | Arrive at Labuan Bajo, transfer to hotel/ Airport